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     In addition to the basic traditional subjects, SBCA offers elective disciplines to introduce and equip students for life-long, well rounded educational experiences. Please be advised that these are introductory classes only and basic concepts are the focus. These courses are designed to give our students familiarity with the subject matter. Your individual student may be more advanced in some areas; if so, the lesson plans can be altered to suit the child's need to be challenged. All electives will be taught at the age appropriate developmental and cognitive level of each class.



Music appreciation, singing, and program preparation are scheduled for all students through the assigned Porgram Coordinator. Additionally, SBCA  does have an elementary choir that meets periodically for special events. Aaron Clay Piano Studio will offer private piano lessons during assigned off-hours if your child would like to learn piano.

Chapel Program


     Chapel for all classes is held every Wednesday. Bible study is taught to the students on a daily basis -- Christian education's central focus is on Jesus Christ and His church. In the early grades, development of a prayer relationships with God the Father is fostered. As the child progresses, he/she becomes aware of his attitudes and values while learning to integrate these in a Christian setting. What is developed in the classroom is reinforced through daily prayer and an ongoing relationship with God.

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